Natural fur is a modern material rich in heritage that addresses designers and consumers of all age categories

At over 64% of the planned 2018 autumn and winter fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London are presented fur brands such as Alexander Wang, Oscar De La Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Moncler, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Valentino and others creating and determining fashion trends.

Despite the fact that the new 2018/2019 winter season is bringing in a whole array of fashion trends, it is generally imperative to note that these are not entirely new and contemporary designers creating in the margins of what has been previously created and what we have seen before. A continuing trend remains downplaying of luxury and the downsizing of elegance. Classic dressing is transformed into modern, playful and also useful and comfortable clothing. Combinations of long and short hair highlight asymmetrical details such as the collar and cuffs, distinctive trimming edges in contrast to light or robust styles of fur hoods. Exaggerated and extravagant shaping of the figure cannot be missed in fashionable silhouettes. The trend of oversized spring coats is enhanced by the latest hit - pompously fluffy jackets in combinations with fur.
“collage fur” still remains dominant, characterized by wider use of mixed furs. Low hair silk furs are mixed with, for example, mink or fox, but also with very fashionable feathers.


Fine metallic, almost supernatural, elements also create a modern feel in the fur world. Asymmetric spring coats, jackets and vests often come decorated with glossy elements, sequins, stones and silk satin and offer a refined update of seasons past. Combinations of fur with skin or with animal prints belong among the most dominant trends. Perennially favourite pelerines announce their grand return to the scene lined with fur.


Only in fashion is returning to the past  possible and ever more desired, and contemporary fashion work excels at going back to the 40s to 80s, always following the slogan - Intuitive, Innovative and Inspirational, with unrestricted access to creativity and style.

The accelerated, natural but also joyful mood of current days is mainly reflected in the trends for the coming winter via the processing of fur material as an integral part of clothing, dominating chiefly in fur jackets and coats. Striking collars, large hoods, prominent sleeves with bulky cuffs and contrasting colours are often made in combinations. Instead of using traditional fabrics, the natural shading of the fur is used to create models with an effect of a stripe with a beautiful depth and a reflection of the beautiful natural colouring of the fur. Different textures and contrasting materials dominate; for example, minks and foxes are mixed with treated Persian, ruffled wool, Mongolian lamb and different shades of cashmere. Models from striped material are back on the scene, in both spring coats and the more and more popular vests.

The colourity of fur materials is one of the hottest new season trends, with colour ranges from delicate and matte tones to very intense saturated tones.

Only the leather craft throughout the whole time of its existence has not shifted to mass production, and still remains a hands-on, demanding, yet always innovative and creative craft, and the results of its work are always beautiful and enchanting.