Since 2004, when the Association of Furriers of Slovakia held at the HOLIDAY INN Hotel in Bratislava its first representative gala evening together with a grand fur fashion show of models of the winter season 2004/2005, the annual staging of these social advertising campaigns has become one of the most important events of the Association of Furriers of Slovakia.

The second representative gala evening of AKS was held a year later, in the much more appropriate and representative rooms of the beautiful historic RADISSON SAS Carlton Hotel in Bratislava. From that date, this top representative event of the activities and work of AKS and Slovak furriers, the Gala Dinner, has been held at the premises of this, one of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in Bratislava. It of course always enjoys the full support of IFF and currently also of FUR EUROPE, every year in the months of October or November.

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Over the years, the members of AKS have managed not only to host this event in the capital of the Slovak Republic and thus bring it to the awareness of the Slovak public, but also, thanks to its extraordinary and always creative scenario associated with a big fashion show, make it one of the most prestigious social events of the year, with which the new winter season and the season of the new fashion creation is officially opened.


The beautiful music from the world-wide successful TV series Game of Thrones - in the form of a of saxophone performance symbolically introduced us into the opening of another festive Association of Furriers of Slovakia evening near the end of 2018, which was also a celebration because the Slovak Association of Furries celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding. But, above all, it aimed to celebrate and give homage to mankind and human skills, without which no craft in ancient times would have developed, The fur craft belongs among the oldest, the most widespread, and up to today still present , as as is evidenced by a rare written document about the first furrier guild in Košice from 1307.